Praise for the Book

The Road Map to Peace of Mind is an excellent tool for sorting out one’s priorities and refining your life focus . . . takes the reader through exercises that raise the questions one must address if you are ever going to have peace of mind . . . is guaranteed to enrich your life!”
– David Bork
Advisor to Family Enterprises

“I have worked with Jim Hutcheson and his organization consistently during the past ten years. Their work with family businesses, especially as it pertains to the “people aspects” of those endeavors is nothing less than superb. Insightful, compassionate, to-the-point, out-of-the-problem, and into-the-solution are descriptors that fit wonderfully with this group. . . . My highest recommendation.”
– Ken Osean
Founder of Planned Performance

“The path to improving the emotional climate in a family business truly begins with improved self-awareness and the personal growth within each family member. Road Map charts the course to that successful personal development.”
– Jeff Sullivan
President of Triple S Dynamics

“As a member of a family business, it is critical to have tools to improve relationships and communication. The Road Map is an easy way to get started on your own self-improvement, and also on improving relationships with others.”
– Andrew Clyde
Tyler Telegraph

“Written by three relevant teachers of change, The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind makes personal transformation possible by providing sensible and proven strategies while using coherent and accessible language. Although the interactive study manual has been designed for personal use, the authors have contributed a unique ancillary tool for professionals working to empower individual
change within family systems. Moving beyond theoretical constructs, this manual is expertly designed to produce results.”
– Alex Burmeister, PhD
Individual and Systems Health Consultant

“We finally have a book that combines experts from two worlds—family business consulting and cognitive-behavioral psychology. This book will be a valuable resource for both professionals as well as individuals that are looking to improve their performance in life and work. Straightforward, concise, and very practical advice from experts that have extensive experience in real world situations. What the author’s have put together is truly impressive!”
– Kevin Gilliland, PhD
Founder and CEO of Innovation 360

“I know and deeply respect the authors as “masters” in their respective fields of endeavor. Their effort is a profound and refreshing literary representation that only individuals who walk their talk could have written. They eloquently bring to the reader a meaningful collaboration that offers the long sought after “missing link” between Family Business and Peace of Mind! Regardless of what stage or chapter of your family business life, this book will provide the platform and substance for your ideal destination.”
– John House
Founder and President of Coyote Financial

“As a psychiatrist in private practice, I routinely witness individuals that have struggled over the question ‘Do I need to see a professional?’ The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind is an excellent way to get started for anyone thinking about getting therapeutic help. I am impressed with the straightforward approach that the authors have used to convey their message.”
– Sarita Uhr, MD
Psychiatrist and Author

“I have attended the Essentials of Family Business Summit several times and have heard the authors speak many times—they are each experts in their fields. Jim, Michael, and Mary Ann have a talent for breaking down complex subjects into simple and straightforward language. The Family Business Road Map is a helpful tool for anyone seeking to lower anxiety and improve personal communication.”
– Roger Welder
Fifth Generation Ranching Family

“I found The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind a no nonsense guide to understanding how and recognizing when my thoughts, emotions, and beliefs are negatively impacting my life. More importantly, it provided me an effective method for change. I routinely use the calming technique to relax and clear my mind so I can sleep. It works great!”
– JoAnn O’Reilly
CEO and Chair of Razor Edge Systems

“I know the authors as leading professionals of the highest integrity. The Family Business Road Map is sure to aid the many silent sufferers inside family firms to get on the road to greater personal effectiveness.“
– Bill Wallace
Wallace Financial Group
Founder of Success North Dallas

“Every family that works together will probably have some kind of communication problems. My family has worked together for more than twenty years and we have seen our fair share of family business challenges. The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind is an excellent source to reduce the stress and tension in a family. I recommend this manual to all family members in a family owned business.”
– Lisa Oswald
Founder and Co-owner Sorrelli Jewelry

“Our family business was at a crisis point when transitioning from the second generation to the third generation. The principles in The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind gave us clear perspective and trusted wisdom to lead ourselves first, and then others effectively.”
– Bill Galvin
CEO and Chair of Architectural Lighting Associates

“Too much about family business is about doing—getting things done, making agreements, managing finance—that we neglect the deeper elements of our inner relationship to what we do. This book helps those engaged in family business to attend to the most important resource for their external and inner success—their mind-set and emotional health. There is nothing like this. It is a practical handbook that helps any individual reflect upon, and yes, change, the way they think and feel about their family, their business, and the world. With activities and reflective exercises, the reader does not learn about these things but actually has a prism to look into themselves and work on self-discovery and growth. This is essential not only for members of the next generation who are entering the business but also for those who are elders and who have begun to acknowledge that there is more to life than business success.”
– Dennis Jaffe, PhD
Saybrook University
Founding member of the Family Firm Institute

“It seems like everyone in a family business needs help on one thing or another at some time. The problem is that the help that you may need is not always available when you need it. I love the fact that The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind is self-paced. A large part of self help coaching is clearing the “noise” from your life. The Road Map is direct, to the point, and without noise. I found the Road Map very helpful to me and my family. Kudos to the authors!”
– Stan Baxter
Founder Baxter & Associates Elevators

“These authors deserve great credit for delivering a manual that is easy to use, self-paced, and relevant for everyone inside a family enterprise. As a second-generation family business member, I can attest to the routine challenge of getting everyone to focus on the important issues at the same time and to communicate in a way that encourages discussion. The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind will deliver better communication and more family harmony.”
– Tom Aveni
Founder and CEO Elevator Doors Inc.

“As a pastor for over forty-five years, I have witnessed the emotional suffering that accompanies everyday life. We all have ups and downs; not everyone needs therapy. However, for some people in need of help, regular therapy appointments are simply not possible. Although The Family Business Road Map is focused on people within family enterprises, it has a broader application to the general public. Help is always available—the Road Map is a quality approach to personal growth.”
– Rev. Don Benton

“In a very considerate and imaginative way, the authors of The Road Map to Peace of Mind get at the very heart and soul of what ails many members inside a family business. This book is a tool for busy individuals who are focused on improving their communication and personal effectiveness. This book is also very useful to those individuals who might be dealing with an emotional matter in his or her life.”
– John Kober, Esq.
Morgan, Lewis, Bockius

“The topic of self-help is critical for everyone but even more so for members in a family firm where the potential for conflict looms under the surface. The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind is an important addition to the field of helping families achieve their financial and family goals. . . . This little manual is a gem.”
– François M. de Visscher
N.V. Bekaert S.A. Belgium
De Visscher & Company, LLC