The Family Business Roadmap to Peace of Mind

The Family Business Road Map to Peace of Mind, is written with the individual family member in mind. The book is a tool each member should use to help examine and improve their personal effectiveness inside their family enterprise.

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Adapt Now – 77 Rules for Rising to the Top of Any Industry

Adapt Now is about uncovering business rules and real world strategies that will clear the path to success for readers in any industry. Business leader, Kelly Isley, leads an exciting adventure along with 15 other sharp business leaders who graciously granted the interviews you will soon be reading.

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About Tonic Press

Tonic Press is dedicated to subject of helping the family enterprise. Leaders within family enterprises encounter unique challenges when trying to combine the best of family with the best of business. Tonic Press is devoted to publishing materials that relate specifically to a better understanding the challenges of family working together and the self-development of individual family members.